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Try Me Now! ~ You'll Love Me!
~ Pierced Earlobe Protection and Repair ~
Also Great for Clip Earrings Too!

Pierce Companion Earlobe Protection and Repair

My Pierce Companion custmers, I need to let you know that I am now out of Pierce Companions. At this time I do not know when I will have more if any. I am opening a store front on Amazon which will have a huge variety of products! Lots of jewelry, personal items, home products, decorations for home, kitchen items, and much more! I loved and took good care of you as my Pierce Companion customers and I will continue to serve you at my very best as I sell other products on my Kreashans store on Amazon!

Put an end to sore, torn, painfully stressed pierced earlobes "without" having earlobe reconstruction.

Pierce Companion . . . The "Original" Invented & "Patented" Earlobe Supports, providing the strongest protection and instant repair for damaged pierced earlobes, is immediately effective! Applies in seconds as an instant repair for permanently damaged pierced ear holes and protects against damage for the just fine perfect pierced earlobe.

Wear your large, heavy, dangling, pierced earrings with comfort and instant protection and repair. Each package of Pierce Companion contains 216 supports for $6.99.

Virtually eliminates risk of discomfort, sagging, and damage no matter the weight and size of your pierced earrings. Works great under clip earrings for comfort and support.

Recommended for use immediately after newly pierced ear studs are removed.

Prevents recurrence of damage in surgically repaired earlobes.

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As long as ear piercing, pierced earrings, and gravity exist, there will always be problems with support of pierced earrings in the delicate earlobe tissue.

The natural and continuous forces of gravity cause progressive stretching and enlarging in a downward direction of the delicate tissue of the pierced ear hole by reason of gravitational pull on the pierced earring.

Pierce Companion earlobe supports takes the stress off the delicate earlobe tissue, and places it on the adhesive earlobe support. The earlobe supports bear the weight of the pierced earring and prevents the droopy sagging appearance to both young and aging earlobes.

With solid support your pierced earrings will hang perfectly and large and heavy earrings will feel light and painless.

Pierce Companion earlobe supports create a new hole instantly, an instant repair for permanently damaged pierced earlobes.

The earlobe supports provide the strong reinforcement needed to be able to wear pierced earrings with the pierced ear hole completely and permanently torn through. You can wear your pierced earrings with confidence throughout all your daily activities.

Pierce Companion application is simple. Simply peel the small, transparent, perforated circle adhesive from its protective backing and place on the front or back of the earlobe (depending on the style of pierced earrings to be worn) and press firmly into place.

The adhesive support will hold firm all day. For the best care of your pierced earlobes, "cleanse earlobes" before earlobe application, and remove your pierced earrings and the supports at night before sleeping. For infected earlobes, treat the condition first, or consult your Doctor before using your earlobe supports.

Pierce Companion earlobe supports are quality. They are made from an exclusive product line of FDA approved and tested hypo-allergenic medical adhesive and manufactured by an FDA approved medical device manufacturer. Each package contains 216 earlobe supports.

Hello I'm Karen, the "original inventor" of Pierce Companion earlobe supports. I would like to leave with you how I came to invent these wonderful earlobe supports and what they have done for me.

In the late 80's, I constantly wore the in fashion of the day large, heavy, dangling pierced earrings. Eventually my pierced ear holes became irritated and red, stretched and enlarged to the extent that you could see through the enlarged pierced ear holes.

During this time, I still wanted to wear my large dangling pierced earrings, but could not because my pierced ear holes were so sore and my earrings did not hang in place properly. Then I went into emergency mode trying to think of what I could do so I could continue wearing my pierced earrings.

You know how you associate Band Aids with cuts and sores . . . well I had an idea! I took a Band Aid and cut small circles out of the adhesive part of it and placed them over my damaged pierced ear holes.

I inserted my large pierced earrings through the adhesive and through my pierced ear holes and to my surprise my earlobes did not hurt and the earrings hung perfectly. I continued to do this for about a week and noticed that the big stretched holes in my earlobes were beginning to close and heal.

That was the beginning of my invention and now today at the age of 68, with the aid of my earlobe supports, I still have healed pierced earlobes with only the tiny original pierced ear holes.

Pierce Companion is simple, safe, and effective! Quality solution at an affordable price! If the product could talk, it would say . . . "Try Me Now! ~ You'll Love Me!"

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Order online. Each package (Order) of Pierce Companion contains 216 supports which is approximately three and a half months supply for $6.99.

For mail orders, mail your check or money order to the address below, and your order will be processed promptly when received.

Note for all Pierce Companion orders. Pierce Companion orders are mailed to you in a regular 4"X9 1/2" envelope first class through the United States Postal Service. With the high volume of regular postal mailings they do not provide "tracking" for this service.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Pierce Companion within 14 days, simply return it for a full refund. Thank You for Ordering.

Pierce Companion Earlobe Protection and Repair

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